Recent News:


  • April 2021: We congratulate Mengying Li on winning the Best Poster Reward at 2021 Southwest Catalysis Spring Symposium held on the Gather Town. In her poster ‘Mechanistic Insights into C1-C3 alcohol dehydration reactions over well-defined nodes over MIL-100(Cr)’, Mengying outlined active sites requirment, reaction kinetics and mechanisms on MOF materials.
  • Jan 2021: Austin Morale, co-advised by Dr. Harold, join the group. His research will focus on catalysis and reaction engineering.


  • October 2020: At the Organization of Chemical Engineering Graduate Students 35th Annual Research Symposium, Jackie Hall was awarded a top poster award. Jackie’s poster titled “Partial Oxidation of Methane to Methanol through the Homogeneous Contribution of Tri-Iron Nodes in a Metal-Organic Framework Material” focused on active site identity and elucidating methanol formation pathways.
  • Jan 2020: Yikang Peng and Xiaowei Wu join the group. Xiaowei is co-advised by Dr. Krishnamoorti, and will be the first student in the group working on adsorption science and technology.


  • August 2019: Undergraduate student Kevin Fleming, a Sophomore in Chemical Engineering, joins the group.
  • July 2019: NSF REU student Juanny Nunez heads back to CCNY after a successful stint developing MOF materials for catalysis applications. Wish Juanny nothing but success in all her future endeavors!
  • May 2019: All three second year graduate students pass their qualifying examinations, creating the sense that great things are in store for the group.
  • Feb 2019: Group family and friends successfully crack the Escape Room at Cipher Escape Room Experience. Group members realize they dislike being locked in a room with each other, and thank UH for providing three separate doors to their lab.
  • Jan 2019: Jiakang Chen and Mengying Li (willingly) join the group. Jiakang is coadvised by Prof. Balakotaiah and will be the first student in the group combining experiment and theory.